Premier Supplier for Outer Burial Containers and Vaults

Burial Vault Manufacturers Exceed Quality of National Franchise Vendors

Outer Burial ContainersOur cemetery supply company offers a complete line of outer burial containers in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and materials. Tribute Precast, the industry's top burial vault manufacturers, offer products which exceed the quality of those distributed by nationally franchised vendors. From infant vaults to vaults designed and decorated to highlight your military veteran status, our cemetery supply company manufacturers the very best to ensure a high quality, beautiful eternal resting place for the deceased.

The outer burial containers we supply are shipped by the truckload directly to your cemetery so your crew can decorate and install them on an “as-needed” basis. This unique method of distribution allows you to order a variety of different types of outer burial containers so you can maximize the revenue you generate from the sales of these interment products.

Our ability to provide mass manufacturing and distribution of outer burial containers enables our burial vault prices to be incredibly competitive. These efficiencies translate into greater savings for families served by our clients and increased profitability for all cemetery clients.

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